Deepstyle Gutter 170mm

Manufactured from PVC, they are lightweight, quick and easy to handle, transport and install. They offer huge efficiencies in product, installation and site costs compared to other more traditional materials making working at height in large commercial and agricultural buildings easier and safer. 


The Deepstyle systems are available in 170mm and complimented by a full range of compatible downpipes and fittings.

Single Skin Sheeting

Profiled Metal Sheeting – (aka single skin sheeting)

Strong, low cost and low maintenance, pre-finished steel are an ideal material for roofing and cladding. Sheets are made to the specific customers requirements and lengths.

Available in different profiles and 0.55/0.6/0.7mm grades of material. Available in a large range of colours & finishes.  Typically used to cover machinery sheds, poultry houses, feed stores, mills, Industrial units, etc.

Material is available in Department of Agriculture grant spec.

Flashings & Fixings

Carbon steel, PVC or Stainless steel fixings at Aneuco we carry a large range of bolts, stitchers, fixings, foam fillers and wall panel adhesives.

Moulded head fixings/powder coated fixings or plastic caps we have a comprehensive range.


Combiboard is an innovative plastic wall panel system suitable for creating robust internal and external walls.

Plastic stable walls for pig, cow, horse and poultry stables, Combiboard has the appropriate solution.

Combiboard offers the solution where there is a need for strong, hygienic and sustainable walls.

Our wall panel systems meet the strictest quality standards and have been successfully used globally for very many years.

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