Steel Purlins and Decking

Steel Purlins & Decking

These are ideal for use on all types of modern roof cladding systems including insulated composite panels, standing seam, singles skin sheeting and insulated roof deck systems. 

We supply a number of purlin options from Sigma(multibeam), Z-purlin to C-purlins. The purlins are engineered and prestressed by design. We also supply a range of decking for use in flat roof systems. 

Aneuco supplies Galvanised Steel Purlin options from Sigma(Multibeam), Z Purlins and C Purlins

Steel Purlins & Decking

Robust structures, tailored perfectly to all your projects!

Steel Purlins

Aneuco offers an alternative to traditional roof purlins and side rails: Sigma purlins, cold-rolled galvanized profiles, which are a simple replacement for timber or rolled sections:

Steel Decking

Metal decking is used in commercial and industrial applications for a built-up flat or low pitched roof. 

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